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What is Agroincubator?

Agroincubator is a special ecosystem and laboratory for launching, supporting and developing farm projects. We are creating an environment for building relationships between participants who grow, manufacture, process, deliver and sell agricultural products.

Agroincubator is close system of relations between agricultural participants, based upon the principles of cooperation and implemented on the basis of blockchain technology.

Agroincubator is cross-border economic system, united by Internet technologies. It is a cooperative without typical intermediaries, when participants build relationships (trade transactions, services, financing, etc.) directly with each other.

Agroincubator is community of free agricultural entrepreneurs, who are united into a consolidate system of mutually beneficial relations.

Exist a number of problems which facing farmers today

Sectoral problems
Loans are inaccessible, short-term or expensive.

Rates from 15% and above. A sophisticated mechanism for verifying and issuing a loan. Farmers often have no assets to use as collateral for a bank loan.  

Choose project’s run algorithms without using a loan.

We apply alternative models for launching projects. Credit is rarely used, and rates will not exceed 5%

It is difficult to get land for a project.

The procedure for allocation of land takes a lot of time, approvals, and preparation of additional documents, moreover it requires high costs.

Agroincubator solves the problem at the macro level.

In the classical business environment Agroincubator is a major player, along with agricultural holdings are. The issues of getting land and other resources will be decided at the macro level

Burden of loans.

Farmer with many loans can hardly get a new one. In addition to this, he risks to lose everything.

Expert help and resources.

You don’t have to deprive yourself a support of profound expert only because of the burden of loans. Agroincubator will provide expert support and required resources for restructuring and repayment of loans.

Absence of storage facilities and warehouses.

Due to the lack of storage facilities that meet modern standards, farmer loses products.

Agroincubator stores products in own warehouses.

At the initial stage of the project development, the Agroincubator will store the products at its own and partners warehouses and storage facilities. Logistics service providers will be involved.

The absence of a single information center

Farmers have no resources to seek advice on specific issues.

Vast knowledge base and database on agriculture.

Agroincubator forms an extensive knowledge base and database on agriculture: from economic statistics to climate data in a region. Scientists and practitioners are involved in farmers consulting.

Personal problems:

Start own farm



Agroincubator gives everyone equal opportunities.

A farmer-beginner can create his own business with Agroincubator in secured from external threats environment. Agroincubator offers many opportunities for the personal and business growth of the farmer, both micro farm and big regional player.

Agroincubator is the solution to farmers’ problems.

The current systems of financing, state support (allocation of resources, lands, equipment, etc.), systems of costs and taxation of agriculture are not adapted to the capabilities of small enterprises. This situation leads to an obvious decision in our view: the creation of a closed ecosystem allowing small agricultural enterprises and farmers to grow stronger, and later to go out on their own


Food, economical and territory security of the country is directly depend of agricultural and farming development. Agroholdings seize lobbying own interests at the highest level and squeezing out smaller participants. Farmers come to ruin and all involved people due to their joblessness have to move to cities and search for better life. As the result villages, settlements and countrysides become empty.

Decision? Agro incubator gives an opportunity for farmers freely engage in business. Agroincubator ensures resources, knowledge, competences for farmers and protect them from pernicious aspects of modern business framework.


Agroincubator’s Tokens are provided with liquid agricultural products of own production. In the Agroincubator’s ecosystem two types of tokens are planned to be used: AI Cash and AI Share.

AI Share — confirms that you are a project sponsor or participant in the collective investment of resources in the project. AI Share calculated on the investor’s wallet as a reward for their participation in projects.
The AI Share tokens will be launched only after AI receives the appropriate licenses (after the ICO). Until then, tokens owning will be secured by a simple agreement on future tokens (SAFT) between the participants and the Agroincubator.
The number of AI Share is limited to 300,000,000 tokens ( three hundred millions). The AI Share rate will directly depend on the success of the Agroincubator and its projects.

AI Cash — is a means of buying and selling products and/or services in an economic system. This is a universal means of exchange, a transaction equivalent, which indicates the presence of one party’s obligation to purchase and sell transactions over another when buying goods and services. AI Cash can also be accrued at the start of the project as a gratitude, but they can not be exchanged for ownership of shares in the project.
AI Cash will not be traded on external exchanges, only within the economic system of Agroincubator. To do this, you need to acquire AI Cash on the internal exchanger.

We have already launched three projects based on Agroincubator

More information will be in our white paper

What is WhiteList?

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Tokensale plan
Tokensale conditions
Closed round
Feb.-March 2018
Tokensale start
March-April 2018
Total tokens
1 000 000 000 AIS
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Sale for tokens
50% at the closed round.
Base cost
0,05 USD
Distribution of funds
Closed Round
Portfolio financing
Platform development
Portfolio financing
Platform development
Dauren Toleukhanov
Dauren is the man of experience in business and management activities on an international scale. Speaking about agriculture, he had position at the board of directors of JSC "NH" KazAgro " Today Dauren is the Head of the Representative Office of the National Welfare Fund "Samruk Kazyna" in Great Britain
Asker Askerov
Co-founder of the project
Businessman, analyst. Asker has over 13 years of experience in analyzing agricultural market.
Kirill Chegodaev
Co-founder of the project
Entrepreneur. Initiator of projects in agriculture.
Said Askerov
Promotion of the project and support of public relations
Ilya Naryzhny
Chief Technology Officer
16+ years in software development. Big Data, AI, blockchain technologies expert.
Ivan Galkin
Project information support
Communication with the scientific community. Involvement of specialists in the project
Anastasia Potemkina
Inline interpreter of the project
Communication with the English-speaking audience.
Karen Gurov
Support for investors
Guidance and information advisor
Ivan Anisimov

We are cooperating with active scientists in the field of agriculture.

Buryakov Nikolay Petrovich
Doctor of Biological Sciences
Head of the Department of Feeding and Animal Breeding, Faculty of Zootechnology and Biology, RSAU – MAA named after K.A. Timiryazev Scientific specialization - modern technologies of nutrition and feed production.
Solovieva Olga Ignatyevna
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
Professor of the Department of Dairy and Meat Cattle Breeding, Faculty of Zootechnology and Biology. The scientific direction is to increase the milk productivity of cows by combining selection work and technological support for the comfortable state of animals.
Melnikov Valery Nikolayevich
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Associate professor of the Department of plant growing and meadow ecosystems, Faculty of agronomy and biotechnology. Scientific direction - resource-saving technologies in fodder production and plant growing.
Sharov Anatoly Fedorovich
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Associate professor of the department of plant growing and meadow ecosystems, faculty of agronomy and biotechnology. Scientific direction - photosynthetic activity of field crops, features of the production process of winter triticale plants, adaptive technologies
Komarchev Alexey Sergeevich
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Assistant of the department of private zootechnics, head of the training and production poultry house. Scientific direction - organic poultry, farm poultry, incubation of eggs of domestic birds.
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The village and the hamlet have always been the backbone of any healthy economy.

The task of the Agroincubator is to revive the village and bring back people here, givie them work and a good, quality life.

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